Hello, it’s me. I am a PhD student at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russian Federation. I am working in Natural Language Processing (NLP) field under the supervision of Pr. Alexander Panchenko. My current research is connected with such important sociological issues as Fake News Detection and Texts Detoxification. More broadly, I am super interested in the NLP for Social Good research direction. Previously, I obtanied my Master’s dergee at MIPT, Moscow, Russian Federation. My Master thesis was about Exploratory Search which goal is to change users habbits for educational search process and which is also connected with NLP. Besides academical experience, I also was involved in several industrial projects in different companies: Visiology, Moscow, Russian Federation; Beiersdorf, Hamburg, Germany. Now, obtanied industrial experience helps me a lot in my research.

My current interests are: NLP4SG, fake news detection and combating, text style transfer, text detoxification, knowledge extrantion, fact checking, models explainability. In general, my goal is to develop transparent NLP and AI technology for better society.

You can also check my Skoltech page and my Telegram channel TowardsNLP about my findings in NLP.